Monday, November 23, 2009

Technically speaking

We've had some technical difficulties around here lately, and by technical, I mean as both "technical problems with the computer" and that I am "technically lazy." So before I flit off to bed (by way of folding the giant pile of laundry "resting" on my bed), here are some pics of our trip last week (or maybe the week before, but who's counting??)

I think (and hope) that this is one of the ways I will always remember Graham at this age.

At the end of our first hike with the boys. Graham's legs got tired so he stopped walking. Completely stopped. So poor Evan got evicted from the super baby carrier, and back into the [best thing in the world, but not ideal for hiking] sling. Next time, we won't go look for a waterfall in the freezing rain. Rookie mistake.

Each night of vacation ends with ice cream. Always. And Graham reminds us throughout the day that we will have ice cream for dessert. This is a rule.

I'll be back soon with more, I promise.