Saturday, October 16, 2010

Soccer boys

Our minivan is now content in it's role as our family vehicle these days. I swear the first time it was loaded up with soccer balls, juice boxes, and three of my favorite boys in their red jerseys, it sighed a happy, contented sigh. Kind of like the tree in The Giving Tree.

So come Saturday morning, we load up the ol' van and head to the soccer field. Grady is coaching Graham's little U-6 team, on which he is the second youngest player. Grady would have me tell you that their record is currently 4-1... in a league where no one keeps scores... or come to think of it, maybe I am the only one who never knows what the score is. Hmmm, I'll have to think about this. Anyways. All of the kids are really improving and seem to be having a great time. Grady comes across the field after the games, all smiles, really excited about how well the team is doing. Graham is, of course, my favorite thing to watch at the games. He is starting to look less shell shocked at all of the commotion and kids running towards the ball, and is actually beginning to sprint towards (instead of away from) the ball. I think he is disappointed that he hasn't scored a goal yet, but he is all smiles from the beginning to the end of the game.

Or at least I think so... if you can imagine sitting next to this and trying to follow any of the action on the field each week:

At first Evan really considered himself to be part of the team, insisting that he have a red soccer jersey, "cleats" and soccer socks. Now he is content to sit in the chair next to me, eat snacks and play games on my iPhone. But the second the whistle blows at the end of the game, he takes off for "Coach Gwady," as Evan refers to his father while in soccer regalia. This is possibly my favorite part of each game.

Grady realizes that Ev is trying to get his attention as he tries to get 11 squirmy soccer players to line up and shake the other teams hands. "Coach Gwady, Coach Gwady..."

And then scoops up the sweetest two year old around and leads his team towards the other team!